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Vacuum Dryer

Our vacuum dryers are divided into static and dynamic dryers. The FZG round vacuum dyer and YZG square vacuum dryer are static dryer systems. The SZG double cone rotating vacuum dryer is a dynamic drying system. Raw material dried in a static dryer is kept undisturbed as to prevent any damage to the material. Dynamic dryers turn the material over and over to dry better and more uniformly.

This vacuum tray dryer is a drying oven that can quickly and effectively dry raw materials under vacuum conditions. This process is superior compared to hot air drying ovens because they can dry at low temperatures, which is desirable for sensitive materials. The square vacuum dryer can use hot water, steam, or conduction oil as the source of heat in the system. Whatever the heat source, the heating unit is behind a heat jacket so that the raw materials are not directly in contact with the heating medium.

The innovative horizontal batch-type vacuum dryer is highly efficient as it effectively removes moisture from wet material through evaporation by heat transmission. The stirrer features a squeegee attachment to remove material from the hot surface and also form a cycle flow. The evaporated moisture is pumped out through the vacuum system.

1. The double cone rotary vacuum dryer can perform mixing and drying functions simultaneously. It also features an optional solvent recovery unit.
2. Advanced design with a simple mixing/drying chamber that is easy to clean.
3. The walls of the inner chamber are designed to steadily rotate and prevent any accumulation of raw materials. This leads to a high coefficient of thermal transmission and results in a quick drying time.