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Air Flow dryer

Air flow dryers are often applied in pharmaceutical operations. The QG and JG series drying machines were designed as high quality and economically feasible options for industrial applications.

The QG line of drying equipment can be used for a variety of raw materials. Besides the mentioned raw materials in the basic model, there are others such as hyminal, A.B.C intermediate, ABS resin, white carbon black, tea, catalyst of oxalic acid, accelerant m, d.m, catalyst, deposited carbon powder, N-acetyl-sulfanilyl chloride, p-aminosalicylic acid, P-phthalic acid, diethyl aniline, titanium dioxide, active carbon, sodium fluosilicate, ammonium sulphate, powder of silicon glue, synthesis resin, calcium sulfonate, PP resin, aureomycin, sodium polaysilicate, oral glucose, sodium sulphate, mine of sulphate, mine of phosphorus, BB blue, melting phosphorus fertilizer, tetracycline, ferric oxide, calcium carbonate, titanium/ferric mine, copper mine, powder of white potato, tail coal, stearate, zein, medicine, medical agent, ferric oxide, lees residue and so on.

1. The drying strength of the air stream dryer is high and extremely efficient. The evaporated moisture capacity of the equipment is 50-150kg/hr.
2. Dry time is only 0.5-2 seconds.
3. The equipment has several heat source options for you to choose from. The basic choices include steam, electric and coal furnace heat sources. The steam heat source can heat up to 150℃, the electric source can heat up to 200℃, a combination of electric and steam can reach 300℃, and the coal heated furnace can reach 600℃.

Work Principle

Technical Consultation and Test
The air stream dryer is quick, continuous and can dry large batches with high heating efficiency. The dryer is suitable for drying raw materials with a full range of different requirements. We provide technical consultation and installation to make sure that our customers fully understand how to operate our equipment. We can also help you by testing raw materials free of charge.

Technical Parameters

Model Selection
Model Moisture to be evaporated kg/h Equipped power kw Area of install m2 High m
QG50 50 7 16 9
QG100 100 13 26 11
QG200 200 21 35 11
QG250 250 24 51 12
QG500 500 43 78 12
QG1000 1000 100 105 15
QG1500 1500 150 200 16
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