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Drying Equipment

The CT-C series hot air circle oven dryer is a basic tray dryer, which is suitable for most materials drying applications. The structure is simple in its design and is easily configured for daily operation. This type of oven dryer is perfect for small capacity operations without continuous drying requirements.

The cylindrical vacuum dryer is designed to dry the raw material in a vacuum condition during the heating process. The drying machine uses a vacuum pump to damp and create a vacuum state within the chamber. This greatly increases drying speed and minimizes energy consumption.

1. These batch type fluid bed dryers use a screw device to extrude and vibrate granular material through high speed mixing.
2. Designed for drying moist blocks or powder raw materials for pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical applications.
3. Thefluid bed dryer can handle raw materials that have large granules and materials with adhesive properties.

The centrifugal spray dryer is widely used in liquid technology shaping applications and other industrial drying applications. The drying equipment is most suitable for producing powdered or granular solid products from liquid state materials, such as solutions, emulsions, suspensions and pastes. When size distribution, residual water content, stacking density and shape of the final product have certain standards, spray drying is the desired drying method.

This series of belt dryer works by spreading raw material on the conveyor belt and then passing it through the suitable auxiliary mechanism such as a distributor, vibrating belt, pulverizer or granulator. The conveyor then passes through a heating unit. The drying device has channels that each have exhaust systems to remove the evaporated moisture from the material.

The spin flash dryer is new piece of high efficiency drying equipment that was developed to overcome the low-efficiency and high energy consumption of static drying devices. During the design process, we made several improvements on existing drying technologies in order to maximize the drying effectiveness of the machine with minimal energy consumption.

The QG line of drying equipment can be used for a variety of raw materials. Besides the mentioned raw materials in the basic model, there are others such as hyminal, A.B.C intermediate, ABS resin, white carbon black, tea, catalyst of oxalic acid, accelerant m, d.m, catalyst, deposited carbon powder, N-acetyl-sulfanilyl chloride, p-aminosalicylic acid, P-phthalic acid, diethyl aniline, titanium dioxide.

The scraper drum dryer is a single cylinder dryer that is used for various slurry drying applications, especially for recovering waste yeasts for breweries. This series of drying machine is suitable for breweries with an annual scale of 30,000 to 100,000 tons of beer. The drying equipment is also designed for other food, chemical and medicine applications.

The PLF series continuous plate dryer is a high efficiency conduction and continuous drying machine that features a unique structure with low energy consumption during operation. It is often used in the drying process of chemical pharmaceutical, agricultural and food industries. The plate dryer has normal pressure, closed and vacuum styles to choose from.