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Oscillating Granulator

The oscillating granulator is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical and food applications to form granules of varying specifications. After a drying process, the granulator presses the material into different shapes. It can also be used to crush blocks of raw material.

1. The YK-160 granulating machine was designed as a pharmaceutical production machine.
2. The machine is GMP designed and produced.
3. Compact and highly efficient machine with a high driving force.

Working Principle
The oscillating granulator consists of a pendulum roller, main body, and transmission system and sieve device. Under the clockwise and counter-clockwise rotating roller, the damp powder mixture is forced through a sieve and then forms granules.

This machine is mainly composed of pendulum roller, main body, transmission system, and tightening device of sieve. Under the action of clockwise and counter-clockwise rotating of roller, damp powder mixture will be forced to pass through a sieve, forming granule. Model C is a heavy type and suitable for materials with big viscosity.

Technical parameters

Model Selection
Model YK-160B YK-160C(heavy type)
Capacity(kg/batch) 100~200 150-300
Motor power(kw) 3 4
Roller rotating speed (rpm) 65 65
Pendulum Angle 360 360。
Diameter of roller(mm) 160 160
Overall dimensions(mm, L-W-H) 1150-680-1150 1260-750-1150
Weight(kg) 300 450

Note: All sizes are used for reference according to the condition of material

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