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Dry Granulator, GK Series

Main uses
The GK series dry granulator is engineered to form granules directly from the raw material with the minimum amount of water. These granulating machines are found in pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industrial applications. Some materials are sensitive and cannot be exposed to wet granulating methods. The finished granules from this granulating equipment can be used for troches or capsules.

The dry granulator is reliable with stable output qualities. During operation, there is minimal noise output and the machine is easy to clean and maintain.

Technical Parameters

Model Selection
Type GK-80 GK-120
Production capacity(kg/h) 20-60 30-100
Fineness of granules(mm) 0.3-1.5 0.3-1.5
Power(KW) 7.15 14
Working pressure(KN) 198 198
Overall dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) 1540*1230*2325 1980*1500*2580
Weight(kg) 2300 3500
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