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Basket Extruder/ Basket Granulator

1. Granulator for WDG lines.
2. Finished granule size range: 0.5mm~2.5mm.
3. Different sized granules can be achieved by changing the screen.
4. Optional water and air cooling systems.

The basket extruder or basket granulator is primarily applied in pharmaceutical, food and chemical production. The granulating machine can take stirred raw materials and form uniform granules, especially for materials that contain adhesives.

All parts that come in contact with the raw material are made from stainless steel. The machine is highly durable and efficient with its automatic operating functionality.

Technical Parameters

size of milling knife(mm) 250 300B 300D
diameter of granule(mm) φ2-2.2(It may be accordance with the requirements of customers) φ1.2-3(It may be accordance with the requirements of customers) φ0.5-6(It may be accordance with the requirements of customers)
overall dimensions(mm) 700×540×1300 880×640×1300 1300×800×1200
power of motor(kw) 3 4 7.5-6
weight(kg) 350 400 780
production capacity(kg/h) 100-200 140-400 300-600

Optional features
1. Custom design
0 2. Water cooling system
3. Air cooling system
4. Frequency control for rotating speed
5. PLC control
6. Explosion-proof system

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