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Screw Extrusion Granulator

The SE series screw extrusion granulator comes in both a single-screw and double-screw type. These granulating machines are designed for wet material or materials with low melting points after a kneading and mixing process. The screw drives the material to push it through the mold plate. The diameter of the end grain can be chosen and controlled by changing the openings in the mold plate. This granulator is suitable for granulating rubber materials, food additives, plastic materials, agrochemicals, dyes and other daily chemicals.

1. The raw powder materials are kept in a wet state to minimize dust output by up to 90%.
2. Granulation using the screw extrusion granulator can help prevent curdling and clumping in raw materials.
3. In addition to the uniform and high quality granulation output, the machine also performs effective mixing.

Main Technical parameters

SET Double-screw extruding pelleter SES Single-screw extruding pelleter
Type Screw dia.(mm) Driving powder (kw) Type Screw dia.(mm) Driving powder (kw)
SET-60 60 3.7 SES-100 100 7.5
SET-100 100 7.5 SES-120 120 15
SET-140 140 15 SES-160 160 22
SET-180 180 30 SES-180 180 30
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