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Ribbon Blender

This series of horizontal ribbon mixer conducts a turbulent flow of air along the mixing cylinder wall to throw the material into the air where it is mixed with a flying cutter device. This quickly and evenly mixes raw materials.

Principle of work
The ribbon blender is composed of a mixing container with screw stirring paddles that effectively and efficiently agitate materials to perform convection mixing. The machine can also be combined for drying processes.

This machine is composed of container, screw stirring paddles and transitional parts; the screw paddle are generally made into 1 layer or 3layers, the outer screw converge is the material to the centre from two sides, and the inner layer of screw conveys the material to the two sides from the centre, so as to from convection mixing, the cubage can be made into rotundity, so the jacket can be played in reaction and drying.

The ribbon mixer is a mixing machine that is generally used in for viscous or adhesive powder materials. It is also suitable for mixing powders that are added to liquids or paste materials. The machine is designed for mixing cases require large outputs where there is no need for displacing materials.

Technical parameters

Model Selection
Model & specs m3 WLDH -0.3 WLDH -0.5 WLDH -1 WLDH -1.5 WLDH-2 WLDH-3 WLDH-4 WLDH-6 WLDH-8 WLDH-10
Mix mount /batch kg 100- 150 200- 300 400- 600 600- 900 800- 1200 1200- 1800 1600- 2400 2400- 3600 3200- 4800 4000- 6000
Equipped powder kw 3-5.5 4-11 7.5-15 11-18.5 15-22 18.5-30 22-37 37-55 37-55 45-75
Weight kg 500 900 1400 1900 2500 3100 3600 5300 6800 7800
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