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Rough Grinder

The rough crusher is designed for use in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and building applications to crush hard raw materials including plastics, steel wire, rubber, etc. It can also be used in a line of equipment along with fine grinders and super fine grinders.

This crusher uses a vertical crushing action that is not limited by viscosity, hardness or any other properties of materials.

Raw material is fed into the crushing chamber by the hopper and it is then impacted by the crushing mechanism which has a set of rotating knives. The machine uses centrifugal force to discharge the material.

Technical parameters

Model Selection
Type inlet material diameter (mm) output material diameter (mm) output (kg/h) power (kw) speed of shaft (rpm) overall dimension (mm)
CSJ-250 ≤100 0.5-20 50-300 4 940 860×650×1020
CSJ-500 ≤100 0.5-20 80-800 11 1000 1120×1060×1050
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